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Business finance is complicated, unclear and often a lengthy process. We simplify and manage it for you.

We bridge the information gap between the funders who have the money and what they require, with businesses that require it.

From startup to exit, we provide complete financing management for businesses of all sizes.

What our clients say about us

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"AxcelCapital has supported us for many years and have proved their reliability time and time again."

Samuel Chee

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"Service matters to me. For this reason, I always go with AxcelCapital."

Mariah Sim

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"The loan process was simple and comprehensive."

Dennis Ho
Tech Startup

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"AxcelCapital always has my back."

Silva Pillay
Cleaning Services

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"The folks at AxcelCapital really excel at advising on capital."

Adolphus Bronston

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"AxcelCapital consultants are professional and have short turnaround time."

Lee Yang
Oil & Gas

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